Thursday, January 7, 2010

New beginnings...

My friend.. very sadistically reminded me that he is stil having 'Canteen wala fun'..
What can I say other than the fact that I miss it like hell. No matter how much you try.. noone can have fun.. like real fun.. once they're out of college. Well.. I do not want to take credit away from my office.. who try to bring back the fainest imitaion of the Canteen fun into our lives. But how much fun can one have on a 'Fun Friday' ??

He he.. before I come across as obsessed with this word.. let me change the topic.. not so subtly.. I'd like to congratulate all my friends whose orkut and facebook profiles are already filled with congratulations on their wedding ,engagement and in some cases, honeymoon pics. May this year keep that lovely million dollar smile fixed to your face. :)

I'd also like to congratulate all those 'GRE Bashing' friends of mine who are putting up lovely snow pictures on their profiles.. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and while you're at it.. water the trees for more fruits in the future.

And I'd like to congratulate Amir Khan and Vidhu Vinod Chopra and team, for making the most enjoyable film of the year. For anyone who has not seen it yet.. do go see it.. and for everyone who has seen it or will see it. If you think that the film is promoting ragging, do contact the Maharashtra Government. The will definitely welcome you for a chai and chat.. Because I dont see any other way they can 'Act' without censure from intelligent and informed citizens from their own state..

On that 'award-ceremony announcement' note.. Cya..


Anshuman said...

Me too still having that "canteen wala fun" ... hahaha :P

outlinedsphinx said...

@ Anshuman

You Idiot !!!!
Its YOU I mentioned in the post!!