Friday, June 8, 2007

Home and Hogging..

yes.. one of my very sweet friends who posted a comment about my last entry said i had food in my thoughts... when you live in a hostel.. you are a weirdass if food does not occupy an important place on your priority list.. well.. i know drink does.. no comment..

i am back home.. and guess what the first thing i ate was??? ok dont exert yourself.. masoor dal and hot steaming chawal... mmmmm... after months of bulletproof chapatis in the mess, your heart yearns for nothing more than these delightfully simple delicacies..
and i greedily look forward to two months of exaggerated and extended gluttony.. :)

and yes jd.. i guessed it was you... :)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hari Bhai and the Hot Dog Guy

Today we got a measly lil' sandwich for tea.. i dont know whats come over the mess management committee.. its messing up big time! there was once a time when i used to be proud of the generosity of my mess. but it seems those days are past. we have now progressed to the age of a-single-measly-little-sandwich-for-snack-and-off-you-go. :(

i unlike some of my other enterprising messmates, have not yet mastered the art of making the plate vanish from under the Akka's eye.. so i suffer in silence and dream of the legendary Hari Bhai and the Hot Dog Guy....

in a sleepy little marketplace of a sleepy little town called indore in madhya pradesh, there is a sleepy little shop, that wakes up at ten in the night.. and when it does.. boy.. what a roar u hear..

the owner of this shop is Hari Bhai and has been for more than 2 decades now.. stuffing an ever widening and ever increasing number of mouths with the most delicious sandwiches in the history of mankind,, no one has ever actually seen this magician.. its just the hand that delivers the sandwich to the waiting car outside that grabs your attention.. and such is the magic of his sandwiches that they can magically direct themselves to a tummy already filled with a five star five course dinner with amazing ease and accuracy.. and you'll still be drooling when your tummy shows the white flag.

there's another shop.. the size of a public bathroom (i know its a gross comparison.. blame the person who made it.. and trust me its not yours truly.. :P) in a place called CHAPPAN DUKAN (the 56 shops.. i wonder, if owing to its size, its even counted as one of them..) its the smallest shop in the territory and yet has the biggest business.. JOHNNY HOT DOG.. needless to say.. if you're as hungry as i am, you'll already be having visions of hotdogs with hands and feet dancing around in circles... ahem.. must stop.. i'm almost drooling over the keyboard..

well, i've never been to either of these shops. but i've spent many evenings of the last 2 years listening to the glorious tales of these great magicians.. of late, i've been thinking.. a trip to indore has become imminent.. :)

cheers to my little foodie friend who's regaled me with all these delicious tales for the past two years. she forbids me to mention her name here. but those of you who know me personally will know who i am talking about and will definitely some time or the other seen this little person's eyes go as big and round as saucers while her mouth is trying hard to accomplish the almost impossible feat of delivering the dialogue without letting the slurp get in the way.. :) may you remain sated and slurping for all times to come.. :P

and cheers to the hero's of the day.. Hari Bhai and Johnny.. you shine forth in the dark ages of the miserly messes and lead us hungry souls to ful"FILL"ment..

Friday, May 4, 2007

examine this..

temme something.. do you ever notice an ant's trajectory (dont know if its the right word..) as it walks from one end of your bed, or table or the floor of your room to the other? have u ever counted the number of lil' bugs under the tubelight on and around rainy days? have u ever noticed that your wall vibrates when the musically inclined peson in the room next to yours is indulging in his inclination? do you ever feel like counting the number of bikes that cross if your room faces the road.. do you ever have this sudden urge to arrange and leaf through some long forgotten pile of old magazines?

these are the things exams make me want to do..

i'm pretty sure its the same with many other people.. such urges surface violently from unknown corners of your heart, shatter the calm surface of your pool of concentration and leave you restless and helpless with a vengence..

have you ever noticed, the weather is at is breeziest, coolest and most enchanting best exactly the day before your most irritating paper? (any paper for that matter) and the day the exams get over, it goes back to its most sullen, hot and hateful self.. especially in the manipal even semester..

i wonder why it is so.. and trust me, wondering and discussing your mind's wanderings with friends is another divine way time flies.. :P
some of the most quality "bakar" happens during prep or exam times, bright ideas that never see the sunlight after the exams strut about in their moment of glory during such times..
the number of "i wish"s and "if only"s.. the maximum number of murders and dates and parties are planned during exam times..

and then we are cruelly brought back to earth..

exactly my case.. i better go study.. random variables are extending their tentacles across the room.., AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

Thursday, May 3, 2007

questionable predictability and pissing off people

today class was simply pissing off... i'm normally happy to attend classes.. i know this categorises me as abnormal in more than one mind.. but yes.. i'm normally happy to attend classes. well considering the fact that i have nothing else to do back in my room, sitting in class and observing the antiquated antics of the ape(read student) and his ever failing trainer (dont read just guess) is always a better option..

but today class was simply pissing off.. contrary to my belief, 6 hours of sleep were not sufficient to keep me alert at 8. i was stupid with sleep during math class.. so stupid that i'd have made a 2+2=7 kinda mistake.. if only we were doing 2+2=7 kinda math... unfortunately, we are grappling with randomly irritating random variables.. and the theory of their probability.. they have succeded in confounding me in whicever dimension they are presented.. and i wont be mean if i state that their mean and variance are of no interest to me whatsoever except for the fact that if i pretend to listen, my teacher thinks i'm a good girl. normally i dont give a damn about these impressions, but i happen to think greatly about this particular teacher.. he is amazing.

well, the fact that sir was also in a grumpy mood was not helping matters. i somehow passed that period and fitfully dozed into the second hour, taken by our hod..
no offence meant, but this gentleman is currently the subject of an ongoing debate between my friends.. we cannot decide what he looks like... an irritated teddy bear.. or simply a large mean rat.. a walrus- some people helpfully chime in, hoping to distract us from our daily war of words.. personally, i dont care.. i keep switcing depending on how happy i am with his performance on a particular day..

today i felt like labelling him much worse than just a large mean rat when he walked off in the middle of class and in the middle of a lengthy problem .. then came a long break during which i roamed aroung in the library.. guess what.. there is a book called "getting straight A s " which instructs students to sit in the first row, take notes, and start studying one week before the exams.. talk about pointless books.. isnt this what we've been told in the major part of our educational endeavour?? why murder a poor innocent tree to tell us some more about it??

then came a surprisingly interesting class.. this teacher is a very well meaning gentleman whom most students shamelessly irritate.. the most violent form of punishment he has devised till date is making the offender sit in the first row..but again this time everyone except me was disinterested.. i had a tough time tryin to deciper his mumbles.. VHDL programming is fun.. but not if people are playing mindless vocabulary games right next to you.. and you cant blame them.. because normally u feel like doing the same in this particular class.. i frowned and fumed through one hour much to my friends' amusement..

lunch hour.....

well now i'm here.. i am not a nerd.. i like classes in a very normal dispassionate way ..maybe as a sedentary activity.. thats it.. but everything is incendiary when u are sleepy.. :(

i guess i better go sleep now since there is no second half..
god bless my cr..

p.s: i know this was completely pointless.. i am just doing this to induce sleep.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Orkutting Ordeals

The college has nothing better to do than block all possible ways of accessing orkut.. and we have nothing better to do than finding new ways of accessing it..

I mean.. come on .. whats the big deal with a social networking site? Are the authorities perturbed by the incidents that make it to the newspapers once in a while- instances of some hapless individual's account being hacked and used for unmentionable purposes? Or instances of shockingly inappropriate content being poured into impressionable minds?

If thats the case, what about our very own blessed LAN? its purpose is to provide us with a safe means of accessing the net and enable us to share useful or entertaining information with each other. Allow me to point out that the definition of useful and entertaining differs from person to person, which is the reason that some "entertaining" individuals of the boys' blocks have put porn into their shared folders. Some of them have even gone to the extent of putting it in the same folder as Tom and Jerry, where they serve to shock unsuspecting surfers like me for time durations varying from 3 seconds to i dont know when.. And did i forget to mention the viruses?

No offence to anyone, but the authorities either think the students are too innocent for such activities or that we are incapapble of handling the intellectual and emotional consequences of being exposed to such content. Then what may i ask is wrong with orkut?
It all boils sown to the fact that we as mature adults should be allowed to choose what we wish to get out of the internet. All of us are definitely aware of the risks of orkutting, so why not let us decide how far we want to go?

Its just amusing to observe that weed and porn , so abundantly available here, and definitely more dangerous than orkutting has failed to evoke the same reaction as the poor little networking site..

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

hello world...

i have a horrid lab endsem tomorrow... i know i'm going to mess it up.. i'm still happy because i know i wont be the only one messing up... lol.. there was a weird foreign word to describe this feeling.. cant recall it right now...
in any case..t hats how things are right now.. i thought i'd start a blog .. might be fun..

a sweet online friend of mine is eagerly waiting to spew venom on my first post.. will hand it over to him now..

see you around world.. :)