Friday, January 8, 2010

Kitchen Comfort..

Most people I get along with really well are foodies. This claim will be substantiated by the fact that my most commented upon post, commented upon my some of my favourite people, is about food.

I am a foodie too, a claim which will be visibly substantiated once you meet me in person. For me , food takes the centrestage. If I happen to go to a restaurant I like, all I can talk about is the food, much to the annoyance of my companion, who has probably brought me here for some life changing conversation :P

Little surprise then, that when I did eventually pair up, I paired up with a Foodie. The Capital F is to emphasize the fact that he is a bigger foodie than I am. I think the day his love for me went from the level of a 4 storeyed building to the level of the Burj Khalifa , is the day I made 'Pakora' for him. The golden coloured batter covering a crispy onion ring, gently bobbing up and down in the oil in the hot 'Kadai', sent him into transports of delight yet unknown by me.

Ok, I'm not exaggerating, He nearly had tears in His eyes once he started wolfing them down. Yes, no slow savoury mouthfuls for Y. You know how much He likes the food by the speed at which He wolfs it down. :) "Ye bilkul mumma jaise bane hain !" , He all but sobbed.

Ok He is not a sob !! Its just that food brings out his noblest emotions. Since that day,He has appointed himself as the Procurement Manager for my humble kitchen.

I'm a lucky girl. And Y is a lucky guy. He is I think one of the few people who are everyday fed by Two Doting Women (Who actually like each other) . My new flatmate is an awesome cook too. I guess it runs in her genes, her father owns a restaurant. But she is skinny. This has made her the butt of jokes all her little life. "Never promote your dad's restaurant.. you'll put it out of business !!" So S is now happily settled here and the kitchen is her favourite part of the house. :)

As I embark on this long ful'FILLING' journey towards cullinary excellence in my little kitchen, I would once again like to pay Homage to Hari Bhai and Johnny , the urban legends who have greatly influenced me and thank my little foodie friend, who told me about them.

Till the next post.. cheers !!


sagar said...

Nice one.. Good to see that u have resumed writing. True all your friends are a foodies, but I'm sure that A is a bigger Foodie than Y. The capital F here is not ONLY to emphasize that he is a bigger foodie, he is something else also ;). But i guess u have reserved the story of A for your other post.. cheers

yajur said...

An FF myself, i totally appreciate all the gastronomic emotions expressed in this post. Who are Hari Bhai and Johny btw?

Anshuman said...

eeks...maybe i should silently crawl out of this eerie place.. :|

outlinedsphinx said...

@ Anshuman

Why is my Kitchen EERIE???

Anshuman said...

your kitchen isn't eerie dumbo...eerie is the place where u talk about food :P