Saturday, March 22, 2008


i've always wanted free time.. not that i'm particularly busy with anything, but i had always wanted days when i could wake up and while still snuggled in my blanket, look at the sky outside and wonder what i'd do with the day lying ahead of me..

i had always wanted the feeling of not having to hurry, having no particular place to go to, and choose where i wanted to be at a particular time.. and then be there..

i had wanted days where i can do completely crazy things without having to worry about things waiting for me afterwards..

i had wanted long walks in the cool breeze.. to look at fireflies in bushes and think that the sky had too many stars and some of them fell off.. to listen to crickets and find rhythm and music in their sounds..

i had wanted walks on the beach , writing my name on the sand.. looking out for blue balloons , seashells and tiny crabs scurrying around.. and funny though it may sound fill up a crab hole or two.. to stamp on the foam thrown upon the sand by the waves.. and look out for shapes in it..

i had wanted to look at the sky and find dogs and bunnies and monsters in the clouds.. running in and out of huge castles in weird shapes..

i had wanted to spalsh in puddles of rainwater..

but most of all i had wanted someone i could do all this with..

i've done each and every thing i just mentioned.. and i'm happy.. [:)]